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September Eleventh Memorial
September 11, 2002


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Till your Spirit filleth the whole world, and the Stars are your Jewels, till you are as Familiar with the Ways of God in all Ages as with your Walk and Table: till you are intimatly Acquainted with that Shady Nothing out of which the World was made: till you lov Men so as to Desire their Happiness, with a Thirst equal to the zeal of your own: till you Delight in GOD for being Good to all: you never Enjoy the World. Till you more feel it then your Privat Estate, and are more present in the Hemisphere, Considering the Glories and the Beauties there, then in your own Hous. Till you remember how lately you were made, and how wonderfull it was when you came into it: and more rejoyce in the Palace of your Glory, then if it had been made but to Day Morning.

Thomas Traherne, Centuries of Meditations, “The First Century” # 30
(Poems, Centuries, and Three Thanksgivings, ed. Anne Ridler, pages 177-178)

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